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The World Is His Oyster

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Perry Raso certainly knows how to nurture things. He started eight years ago creating an oyster farming business that today ships shellfish to several states. In the process, he has become an employer and mentor to URI students, a collaborator with URI researchers and alumni, the potential marketer of a unique “vegetable,” and, most recently, the owner of one of the most popular restaurants in southern Rhode Island.

Talk about getting mileage out of his two URI aquaculture degrees.

Raso earned his undergraduate degree in 2002 and received his master’s four years later; he is one alum who has never forgotten his URI roots. Through his businesses and his interest in aquaculture he has forged an alliance with various elements of the University. His approach is quite in keeping with the initiative announced by URI President David M. Dooley, who envisions a partnership role between the University and the state’s small businesses.

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