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Raising the Bar

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Perry Raso, owner of Matunuck Oyster Bar, recently started serving scallops at his restaurant, and will give a TEDxProvidence talk Saturday about his farm-to-table, pond-to-plate practices.

Posted: Thursday, April 7, 2016 11:30 am

As Perry Raso sorts through cages of fresh scallops, he deftly and swiftly finds the larger ones and throws them into a nearby bin, occasionally tossing broken shells off the dock into the salt pond below, and leaving the smaller ones alone so they can continue to grow.

The scallops in the bin are taken into the kitchen of Raso’s Matunuck Oyster Bar, 629 Succotash Road, East Matunuck, where they will be scrubbed and shucked, then served raw or cooked. The scallops, which Raso began growing from seed two years ago, made their debut on the restaurant’s menu March 28.


A proud Facebook post announced the occasion: “We are excited to be the first restaurant ever to serve Rhode Island farm raised bay scallops. Tonight we are serving our first-ever harvest of Matunuck Bay Scallops mariniere style with white wine, garlic and fresh herbs.”


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