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The 21 best seafood restaurants in America

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The 21 best seafood restaurants in America

These best seafood restaurants in America serve expert chowder, droolworthy lobster and new takes on classic fish dishes

Matunuck Oyster Bar, South Kingstown, RI

16. Matunuck Oyster Bar, South Kingstown, RI

Like Boston’s Island Creek, Matunuck Oyster Bar was founded by an actual oysterman. But the similarities pretty much end there. Located right on Potter Pond along with his shellfish beds and organic produce farm, Perry Raso’s place is a naturally laid-back affair: the picturesque setting provides all the mood lighting and decoration it needs, and the passing of the seasons determines only minor tweaks to the menu, as the staples are the staples for a reason. Aside from oysters in every way, shape and splendid form, you’re bound by unwritten state law to order the fried calamari with cherry peppers, the clear clam chowder and at least a couple of stuffies (stuffed and baked quahogs), Rhody classics all. After that, potato- or pistachio-crusted cod’s a favorite, as is pure and simple boiled lobster with lemon and butter, followed by the white chocolate-dipped key-lime pie—on a stick! Given the extra-casual context, you wouldn’t expect a solid wine selection, but there is one. Still, an oyster-garnished Bloody or regional craft beer proves just the patio pounder.