Matunuck Oyster Farm Tours

All tours start at Matunuck Oyster Bar. They are free and open to the public.



Matunuck Oyster Farm Tours

Our Oyster Farm Tour begins at Matunuck Oyster Bar with introductory information about East Matunuck Barrier Beach, Succotash Salt Marsh and Potter Pond Estuary. Perry Raso of Matunuck Oyster Farm will discuss aquaculture and fisheries on a global scale and a local scale.The participants then go to the seven acre shellfish farm in Potter’s Pond. The tour takes about 90 minutes, but can be tailored to each group. Waterside tours that do not leave the land are also available.

Tours of the oyster farm are a unique feature of the Matunuck experience. Group tours and educational field trips show how shellfish are cultivated in local waters. Visitors see the different species of shellfish in many different stages of growth.

The tours and oyster farm were started with help from RI Sea Grant Reed Initiative funded project ”The Ocean State Aquaculture Education Project” in 2002. Although the grant has expired, Raso continues the tours because of the educational opportunities they provide and to increase people’s understanding of aquaculture and RI’s estuarian environment. With our tours we hope to encourage our visitors to take an active interest in supporting local aquaculturists and farmers.

For information regarding private tours, please call or email 401-783-4202 ext 2,